Early Warning System Summary
The Montana Early Warning System (EWS) is used to identify students in grades 6-12 that are at-risk for dropping out before they actually do so.  The EWS uses live student level data in a statistical model to determine the chance of a student dropping out.  This system is free to any Montana public school and may be used at any time during the school year.  Along with identification of students that are at-risk of dropping out, the EWS also provides the reasons why each student is at-risk for dropping out.  There are 3 reports available through the EWS, the School Level Report, the Student Summary Report, and the Student Detail Report and each has its own specific uses to school officials.  A detailed explanation of how to use the EWS is available in the Early Warning System Manual available below.  The EWS is only available in the secure version of GEMS.

Early Warning System Support Documents
There are three documents available on the page below.  The Early Warning System Data File Template is an excel document that shows the file format needed to place student level data to correctly upload into the Early Warning System.  The Early Warning System Manual explains in detail how to use the EWS, including specifics on the data file needed, the EWS reports, and what to do with the EWS results after you have them.  The GEMS Access Request Form is needed in order to gain access to the EWS in GEMS Secure.  This form must be filled in by the user and signed by the authorized representative for each individual that wishes to have access to the EWS in GEMS Secure.  
If you have questions, contact Kaitlyn Kleppelid at 406-444-1610 or 

Early Warning System Data File Template.xlsx
Early Warning System Manual.pdf
GEMS Access Request Form.pdf