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Target Range 7-8

Data Definitions & Explanations
District:Target Range ElementaryCounty:Missoula
System:Target Range ElementaryGrade Type:Middle School
Grades Served:6 -8 Accreditation:
Sector:PUBLIC Web
Email:Address:4095 South Avenue West
Phone:(406)549-9239Missoula, 59804


Enrollment Count:155
Cohort Graduation Rate: N/A
Student/Teacher Ratio:17:1
Economically Disadvantaged Participation:31.6%
Limited English Proficient (LEP):0%
Special Education Participation:22.6%
  • Data comes from the October Snapshot for School Year 2018-2019.
  • The four-year adjusted cohort graduation rate is the percentage of students in a cohort, adjusted for transfers in and out of school, district, or state that graduate with a regular high school diploma within four years of the student's first enrollment in ninth grade. The cohort graduation rate displayed comes from School Year 2018, which is for students who began ninth grade in the Fall of 2014.


Does this school offer a 4-day school week?No
Is this school a middle school?Yes
Does this school offer a 7-8 grade program?No
List of grades offered by the school?6 -8

General Education Courses

Algebra I
Art (grade 7)
Art (grade 8)
Computer Literacy
Grade 7
Grade 8
Language Arts (grade 7)
Language Arts (grade 8)
Mathematics (grade 7)
Mathematics (grade 8)
Physical Education (grade 7)
Physical Education (grade 8)
Prior-to-Secondary Education
Reading (grade 7)
Science (grade 7)
Science (grade 8)
Self-Contained Classroom (special education)
Social Studies (grade 7)
Social Studies (grade 8)
World Language (Other Language) for Young Learners (prior-to-secondary)

Advanced Placement Courses

No advanced placement courses found.

Special Education

Montana College Preparatory Curriculum Program

The Curriculum Program Detail Report does not exist for this school.


Accreditation Status:
Corrective Plan Required:No

Variances to Standards
No variances to standards found.

List of Deviations
Counseling Services
Library/Media Services
Teaching Assignments
  • TBD

Classrooms and Teaching Assignments

Number of Overloaded Classrooms: 0
Number of Teachers Misassigned: 0
Number of Non-Licensed Teachers: 0
Smarter Balanced Assessment more SBAC-> more ACT->
CRT Science Test more->