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Broadview High School

Data Definitions & Explanations
System:Broadview Public SchoolsCounty:Yellowstone
Phone:(406)667-2337Address:13935 1st Street
Broadview, MT 59015


Enrollment Count:41
Cohort Graduation Rate:90.9%
Student/Teacher Ratio:6:1
Economically Disadvantaged Participation:41.5%
Limited English Proficient (LEP):0%
Special Education Participation:4.9%
  • Data comes from the October Snapshot for School Year 2018-2019.
  • The four-year adjusted cohort graduation rate is the percentage of students in a cohort, adjusted for transfers in and out of school, district, or state that graduate with a regular high school diploma within four years of the student's first enrollment in ninth grade. The cohort graduation rate displayed comes from School Year 2018, which is for students who began ninth grade in the Fall of 2014.


Does this district offer a dual credit/dual enrollment option?No
Does this district offer a distance learning option (using Montana Digital Academy)?No
Does this district have a school that offers a 4-day class week?No

Advanced Placement Courses

No advanced placement courses found.

Special Education

Traffic Education

Is traffic education offered before school?No
Is traffic education offered during school?No
Is traffic education offered after school?No
Is traffic education offered during the summer?Yes
Program fees for first semester?N/A
Program fees for second semester?N/A
Program fees for summer?$190.00
Does the district offer instruction in pedestrian safety?No
Does the district offer instruction in bus rider safety?Yes
Does the district offer instruction in bicycle safety?No
Does the district provide traffic education for students with disabilities?Yes
Does the district grant credit for traffic education courses?No
Does the district participate in the CDTP?Yes
Is there parent involvement in traffic education courses?Yes


Budget Limitation Average Number Belonging (ANB):46
Per Pupil Revenues (1) (2): $21,162
Per Pupil Expenditures (1) (2): $18,333
  • (1) Using the State of Montana definition of "Per Pupil"
  • (2) This data is based on the prior year's reported Trustee's Financial report data.

Adopted Budget for all Funds

General Fund$753,755
Transportation Fund$72,053
Bus Depreciation Fund$182,103
Tuition Fund$1,371
Retirement Fund$102,131
Adult Education Fund$14,894
Non-Operating Fund$0
Technology Fund$1,642
Flexibility Fund$11,508
Debt Service Fund$0
Building Reserve Fund$88,636
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